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  • For students enrolled in the program for obtaining the title “Master of Pharmacy”

What are admission/enrollment criteria for Professional practice?

The student can enroll and start the professional practice after finishing nine out of 10 semesters according to the study program and gained 240 ECTS credits. Professional practice is performed at a pharmacy store or in a hospital pharmacy (30 hours per week for six months).

The student electronically elects the pharmacy from an offered list of public pharmacies where he will perform the professional practice. During the realization of the professional practice, the student is under the constant supervision of his educator (a pharmacist who has been selected as an expert by the Academic Scientific Council from UKIM, Faculty of Pharmacy – Skopje). In conducting the professional practice, the student keeps a daily diary that is verified by the educator at the end of each week, and after the period of six months is evaluated and approved by his mentor, a teacher from the Faculty of Pharmacy – Skopje. Successfully finished professional practice is verified by the coordinator of the program with a signature in the student General Record.