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The study program provides different methods and forms of learning for obtaining adequate knowledge and skills which involves:

  • Lectures,
  • Consultation,
  • Practical classes – laboratory exercises or other types of exercises,
  • Independent tasks (project assignments, seminar papers, homework, project activities, field experience activities, preparation herbarium specimens, etc.) and
  • Home learning (preparation for the exam).

Students are required to follow and to participate in the lectures and practical classes, attend seminars and workshops, as well as to use and apply all other forms of learning.

During the courses the student is evaluated with certain points for his/her performance and shown knowledge. Each program is rated with maximum 100 points.

  • The minimum number of points that are required to obtain signature from the professor is 30 points. The signature is entered in the student General Record as well as in the electronic system thus giving the right to the student to take the exam.
  • The student certifies the semester with signatures in the student General Record and in the electronic system, which confirms its fulfillment of the predicted obligations within the courses that he participated.