Ss Cyril and Methodius University

Faculty of Pharmacy


Asst. Prof. Zorica Naumovska
Specialist in Pharmacoinformatics

UKIM, Faculty of Pharmacy – Skopje
Majka Tereza 47,
PO Box 36,
1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
Tel: (++ 389) 2 311 9694, ext. 104
Fax: (++ 389) 2 312 3054


  • Ljubica Shuturkova, PhD, Full Professor
  • Zoran Sterjev, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Aleksandar Dimovski, PhD, MD, Full Professor
  • Aleksandra Grozdanova, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Katerina Anchevska Netkovska, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Aleksandra Kapedanovska Nestorovska, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Merijem Hadzihamza, Mr.Pharm.
  • Biljana Lazarova, Mr.Pharm.
  • Lile Zdraveva, Mr.Pharm.


The National Center for Drug Information was established in 1997 at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Skopje in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia and the World Bank project for Health Reform as a highly professional and informative service for the healthcare workers from the primary, secondary and tertiary health care.


The basic activities of the National Center for Drug Information are providing services, educational and scientific research activities.

  • Service activity: provides responses for different types of information about medicines and medical devices asked by healthcare workers, patients and marketing-authorisation holdersin our country. The Center has diverse types of literature: primary (biomedical scientific journals), secondary (indexing and abstract systems) and tertiary (books, standard therapeutic guides and formulars) as well as other sources of information (on-line available sources of information). The National Center for Drug Information is a public institution which is available to all citizens of Republic of Macedonia who can inquire and receive answers to their questions related to the medicines through direct contact, telephone, fax and e-mail.
    At the request of the pharmaceutical companies, the National Center for Drug Information participates in the preparation and expert evaluation of the summary reports on the properties of medicinal products and the Patient information leaflet for drugs and Medical Devices for which they are the holders of the authorisation.
  • Educational activity: Within the frame of the educational activity, the National Center for Drug Information organizes various types of educational events. Self-directed learning is a form of continuous education that is performed by following the news published on the website of the Center where over than 1,500 health professionals from our country can be informed. In addition, the Center in cooperation with other institutions organizes a number of educations, consultations and expert workshops.
  • Scientific and research activity: The expert team of the National Center for Drug Information is involved in the scientific-research activity, which is especially targeted towards evaluation of the quality of the information about medicines available to patients, the rational use of drugs, the evaluation of the consumption of drugs and etc.


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