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 The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is providing continuous education of highly skilled professionals that are capable to respond to the requirements of the society in the field of pharmacy.

Recognizing the requirements of our society, the mission consists of:

  • Boosting the innovativeness & continuous improvement of the curriculum quality and scientific & application activities by using state-of-the-art methods and techniques.
  • Providing a multicultural environment by respecting the diversity of each ethnic group;
  • Continuous improvement of the curriculum by introducing new programs and directions;
  • Impartiality, objectivity, transparency and respect of high ethical norms;
  • Providing inspiring environment for individual professional development;
  • Building the reputation within the country and abroad.
  • Development and promotion of cooperation with other faculties, universities and institutions on local and regional levels in order to improve the quality and performance of the faculty.
  • Establishing an educational policy based on autonomy, adequacy, accreditation and self-evaluation.



The vision of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Skopje is to achieve leadership and distinction in pharmaceutical education and scientific research on both local and regional levels.