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Dietetics and dietotherapy

Subject ECTS points Mandatory/Elective Course code 
1st Semester
Introduction to nutrition6MFFDD1/01
General and molecular biology with human genetics6MFFDD1/02
Chemistry of physiological macro and micro elements5MFFDD1/03
Literature review and data bases 4MFFDD1/04
Nutrition and epidemiology5MFFDD1/05
Elective subject (module 1)4E
2nd Semester
Organic chemistry for dietitians5MFFDD1/06
Selected chapters from human physiology 5MFFDD1/07
Food microbiology4MFFDD1/08
Food chemistry 16MFFDD1/09
Basic technological operations5MFFDD1/10
Calculations and statistical operations in dietetics3MFFDD1/11
Sport and health 2EFFDD1/26
3rd Semester
Food chemistry 25MFFDD1/12
Food products7MFFDD1/13
Selected chapters from pathophysiology4MFFDD1/14
Technological and biopharmaceutical characteristics of nutraceuticals6MFFDD1/15
Elective subject (module 2)4E
Elective subject (module 3)4E
4th Semester
Principles of nutrition5MFFDD1/16
Modeling and optimization in nutrition and dietetics7MFFDD1/17
General and food biochemistry 6МFFDD1/18
Elective subject (module 2)4E
Elective subject (module 3)4E
Elective subject (module 5)4E
5th Semester
Principles of dietotherapy6MFFDD1/19
Principles of phytotherapy5MFFDD1/20
Methods for food analysis 6MFFDD1/21
Elective subject (module 6)4E
Elective subject (university list)3E
Elective subject (university list)3E
Elective subject (university list)3E
6th semester 
Principles of pharmacotherapy and therapeutical nutrition6MFFDD1/22
Immunology for dietitians2MFFDD1/23
Food toxicology 5MFFDD1/24
Food safety and quality control  5MFFDD1/25
Elective subject (module 5)4E
Professional practice 3M
Diploma thesis 5M
Elective subjects
Module 1
History and culture of nutrition 4EFFDD1/45
Health promotion for professionals in healthcare4EFFDD1/46
Module 2
Spices and aromatic plants4EFFDD1/02
Aroma and odor in food production4EFFDD1/29
Natural preservatives in food production4EFFDD1/30
Module 3
Principles of pharmaceutical biotechnology and application in nutraceuticals4EFFDD1/31
Macro/nano systems in design and formulation of nutraceuticals4EFFDD1/32
Innovative technologies for the packing of nutraceuticals4EFFDD1/33
Module 4
Probiotics and starter cultures4EFFDD1/34
Food – drug interaction4EFFDD1/35
Food supplements 4EFFDD1/36
Module 5
Macrobiotics and other unconventional nutrition4EFFDD1/37
Fruits and juices 4EFFDD1/38
Water quality4EFFDD1/39
Natural antioxidants 4EFFDD1/40
Module 6
Classical methods in food analysis 4EFFDD1/41
Instrumental methods in food analysis4EFFDD1/42
Analysis of nutraceuticals 4EFFDD1/43
Food analysis of mycotoxins, pesticides, drug residues and heavy metals4EFFDD1/44