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Center for continuing education


CCE is a dynamic and institutionalized center dedicated in organization and realization of modern, creative, high-quality and accredited forms of professional development offered by the expertise of the academic staff. The leading principles in the work of the CCE are actualization of scientific and ethical values ​​and development of practical skills in the programs for continuous education.

The main goals of the Center are:

  • Popularization and affirmation of the idea for continuous education;
  • Promotion and realization of various forms of professional development intended to satisfy the needs of the public and private sectors;
  • Providing facilities, equipment and reference material to be achieved professional development;
  • To monitor the quality and benefit of the professional development;
  • To create “synergism” within the university units and to develop a strategy to increase the “individual contribution” of the academic staff in the professional development and improvement of stakeholders and institutions;
  • Establishment of interdisciplinary academic, scientific and professional collaboration with other institutions in the country and abroad dedicated to the development of programs for continuous education;
  • Inclusion in the international system for continuous education in the European and non-European countries;
  • Establishment of collaboration or cooperation through international projects in the area of the continuous education.

All offered activities and programs by the CCE are approved by the Teaching-Scientific Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy – Skopje and are proposed by the Professional Commission for continuous education and at the request of the organizer (initiator). Professor or teaching assistant, socially affirmed expert in the relevant area or institution from the public and private sectors could be considered as an initiator or organizer.

CCE is obligated to send the documentation for accreditation of the program for continuous education to the Pharmaceutical Chamber or to the Doctor’s Chamber of the Republic of Macedonia if it is required by the initiator/organizer. The cost (price) of the services provided by the CCE is determined together with the submitted proposal for the realization of the professional development.

The approval request of the form and the program for professional development by the applicant and the information for the necessary documentation needed for approval of the program for continuous education by the Professional Commission as well as the necessary documentation for accreditation of the program for continuous education by PCM/DCM are available on the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy:

Faculty of Pharmacy – Skopje
Center for Continuing Education
Faculty of Pharmacy
Majka Tereza 47, 1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
PO Box 36 
Tel/fax: (++389) 2 3123 054

Coordinator of the Center for Continuing Education
Zoran Sterjev, PhD, Associate Professor
Tel. (++389) 2 3126 032; ext. 104

Responsible person for professional and technical support of the Center for Continuing Education
Maja Simonoska Crcarevska, PhD, Associate Professor
Tel. (++389) 2 3126 032; ext. 118