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The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is the oldest and the most prestigious institution for higher education in the field of pharmacy in Republic of Macedonia. The Faculty is offering three-cycle studies, which are standardized according Bologna process: 1st and 2nd integrated cycles for acquiring the title “Master of Pharmacy”; undergraduate programs for obtaining the title “Graduated Laboratory Bioengineer” and “Graduated Dietitian/Diet Therapist”; 2nd cycle degree: master’s (M.Sc.) and specialist studies in Pharmacy and the 3rd cycle degree: Doctoral studies (PhD) – “Doctorate degree in Pharmacy”. The studies are organized according to the European credit transfer system (ECTS) which allows their academic recognition abroad. By applying the European modern and recognized educational curriculum of first and second integrated cycles (Pharmacy integrated Master’s degree), our Faculty offers knowledge and skills for practicing pharmaceutical profession, creating pharmaceutical professionals suitable for the community pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, health services in the field of therapeutics, supply & distribution of medicines, laboratory and for scientific and research work. The three-year undergraduate program accredited for obtaining the title of Graduated Laboratory Bioengineer provides education of candidates that will be suited for professions associated with medical diagnostics, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries, as well as creating staff with consulting role in areas related to healthcare, industry, trade, education, public and private sectors where there is laboratory practice. The three-year first-cycle study program for Graduated Dietitian/ Diet Therapist is intended to create health professionals with appropriate knowledge in nutrition, dietetic intervention in individuals and different population groups and experts capable of preparing diet plans for patient. They are professionals with extensive knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to a competent practitioner.

Our postgraduate study programs enable the creation of specialists, Master of Science in Pharmacy and Doctors of Pharmaceutical Sciences, while the special education and training of health professionals in the field of health specializations enables the creation of highly trained personnel in certain areas of the health system.

In addition to teaching and education, the Faculty of Pharmacy, Skopje has extensive scientific and research activities. Our faculty is involved in numerous projects financed by domestic and international institutions and funds. We have developed a fruitful collaboration with the teaching and scientific staff of other faculties and universities in the country as well as the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. We have created extensive network of international collaboration with other faculties and universities in the field of medical and biomedical sciences from abroad, such as Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, USA etc. Renowned professors from these institutions are involved in the teaching and scientific activities at our Faculty and some of them are honorary professors at the University. The Faculty of Pharmacy can be proud of his reach portfolio of applicative activities, which are realized within the existing centers: the Center for Drug Quality Control, the National Center for Drug Information, the Center for Biomolecular Pharmaceutical Analyses, the Center for Poisoning Control, the Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, the Center for Natural Products and the Center for Continuous Education.

The teaching staff at the Faculty is wholeheartedly dedicated to provide a suitable learning environment for the students, so they expand their basic and professional knowledge for achieving a productive, professional career and acquire skills for efficient and responsible team work, respecting the principles of professional ethics.