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Information for space capacity where teaching and research activities are performed
  • Total area of 3000 m2
  • Number of amphitheaters: 3 (in total 300 seats)
  • Number of laboratories: 14 (each laboratory with the capacity for 30 students)
  • E-classroom: 2 (with 20 seats)
  • Library
  • Number of cabinets for teaching staff: 20
Information for instrumentation, equipment and laboratory glassware GC-FID-MS, HPLC (3), UV/VIS spectrometers (3), UV/VIS chamber for TLC analyses, Digital scales up to 4 decimals (3), Water bath (4), Ultrasonic baths (3), ERWEKA apparatus for monitoring the rate of release of active principles from pharmaceutical dosage forms, Disintegration testing unit ERWEKA ZT72, Centrifuges, Microcentrifuge, Evaporator, Distillation Apparatus, Mills (2), Refractometer, Capillary Electrophoresis system, IR spectrometer, pH meter (3), Polarimeter, Light Microscopes (20 pieces), Binocular microscopes (2), Stereo Microscope, Spray-drier, Particle Size Analyzers, Tablet Press Machine, Encapsulator (Capsule Filling Machine), Water Bath with shaking (2), Magnetic stirrer (4), Lyophilizer (2), Sieves, Homogenizer, Autoclave, Aseptic Chamber with UV Lamp, Stability Chamber Monitoring Systems (2), Dry Sterilizer, Drying Chamber, Vacuum Drying, Peristaltic Pump (2), Conductometer, Vortex (2), Potentiometric titrator, Incubators, Microliter Pipettes, Refrigerators at 4 °C and -20 °C, Laminar Flow Cabinet, PCR, Equipment for Polyacrylamide and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, ELISA reader, Laboratory Furniture with Digesters and Installation for operation of the instrument equipment, ordinary laboratory glassware (beaker – graduated cups, large volume cups, glass volumetric flasks, measuring cylinder, volumetric flask with cap, round flasks, glass test tube, plastic test tubes, watch glass, Graham reflux condenser, reagents bottles, vacuum pumps, pipettes and accessories for pipettes, glassware drying rack, lab sprinklers, vortex, funnels with long throat, digital burette, support for eppendorf tubes, mortars and pestles, heating body, porcelain beads, separating funnels) and 20 computers fully equipped with appropriate software’s.